Marmalade – Rhubarb


That divine combination of rhubard, ginger and lemon. A destinctive jam for virtually any breakfast or try as spread for pastries or key ingredient in this summers BBQ-marinade.


Eldrimner certified artisan food

All our raw material  are handpicked with care and comes from nearby marshlands and boreal forests in Jämtland. Just the way we grew up and how we tend to keep it in the future, if we want to leave a mark in this world it must not be at the expense of our natural environment.


Marmalade 130g

Ingredients: Rhubarb, Sugar, Lemon, Ginger, Pectin. Nutrition 100g: Energy 182kcal/761kj, Fat 0,1g of which saturated 0g, Carbonhydrate 43g of wich sugars 44g, Protein 0,3g, Salt 0g. Fruit variety 69g/100g. Total sugar content 48g/100g.